Football history

The Football game as it played today is a genetic development of the game "football" played since the dawn of history.
The football rules as we know them today have evolved in recent years but the main idea of the football game existed since the dawn of history.

In the recent past if you wanted to play football all you need is to get an animal's urinary bladder and fill it hair.
Yes, right now you discovered the second ancient ball ,the first ball was made from human heads.
(ISIS Takes A Man, Cuts His Head Off And Plays Soccer With It) You dont belive it, read !!

ancient History

Like everything in the modern world it all begins in ancient Greece.
In ancient Greece played a game called: episkyros were the ball was made from inflated pig bladders wrapped in tight leather and filled with hair

Later in Roman time the game evolved and get his Latin name - Harpastum.
Rome game does not get very popular among the Romans, who preferred instead the Gladiator games.
But is very popular among the Romans fighters, since they are the ones who brought the game to England.

In England the football game became very popular.
Note For a while in England the balls where heads of criminals and not the famous urinary bladder.

Note Also there Are well known cases where Protestants were playing Sunday football in front of Catholic churches to create trouble, because Catholics are very strict when it comes to religion.

Some Nobel's thought that football is very important for war preparation as show it as a way to create a conglomerate group,
and due to the fact that football helps to create a high physical fitness and teamwork.

King Edward the III decided that football is a very good for the army and it helps in preparing soldiers for battle.
He was the one that decided that the football games will played every Sunday morning.  

 Warning – And what about the church –
Well the church monarchy prefer receiving taxes than finding themselves in Quarrel with the King.
At one point in history the football game also managed to enter the religious tradition,
When religious leaders greeted the different groups played the football game between two rival neighborhoods.

In England, a new tradition evolve that the day before Easter, fathers and their sons goes together to play football.
this tradition is still a custom in England, Scotland and Ireland,and football games were played also in social events.

When something good happened to the city, fathers and sons gathered tougher to play football.
note in the city Chester Heavenly lump appeared threatening the city but a miracle happens and the Heavenly lump disappeared and a football game was played in that day.

Every place found a reason to play Football fathers and sons together.

In the 17th century the football game began to be played in England institutions of higher education and school.
These the football game created a social interaction between youth of the nobility and the youth of the merchant class
and a Football made it possible for the social interaction between those two classes.
Note At that time, the tradition evolved that football game is and English creation
The British brought the game of football to the colonies in America.

Football game is called "football Association" and from this word the word soccer decreed that the word for the football game or football.

Other football games: Melle , rugby

in Virginia evolve a game called "Melle", Mishmash, the game was consisted of 100 players without rules - anyone who wanted to play was invited

In the early 19th century in the city rugby another kind of football game evolved named rugby.
One student took the ball in hand and began kicking him.

In 1863 set the rules that exist today where set in 1863 at Cambridge England.  

european football

British businessmen brought the game to the cities of Germany and Austria, and from there it spread.
German learn the game and then came the Swedes and Swedes spread the game throughout Europe
Textile trader brought it to Russia.
The first game in the Ottoman Empire was in 1895 between British origin citizens to Greek, British Sailor teach the game to Brazilin.

Note  In Germany –the game is called "fuzz ball"
Note  In Italian the game is called "calico"

The Italians claim they invented football in the 14th/15th century and that the Anglo Saxon stole the game from them.
In Italy the game took place in the large square in front of the church and the teams were neighborhood groups.
From Italy comes the nickname -Goals – in the city were some goals and before the game two goals where set.
The city Mayor and City Council determined the two gates.


  • In the United States in the early 20th century the game began to Establish.
  • International games began in 1930 in Mobideo Uruguay and Uruguay won.
  • In the first game that was conducted between the US and England, England lost.